APRA Composer commission winner:

Drunken Taxicabs of Absolute Reality: Howl to music by Darrin Archer
(Howl by Allen Ginsberg)

Warning: this performance contains adults only language and themes.
Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl can be found at pangloss.com

Darrin Archer at piano

Darrin Archer

Sex, drugs, and spirituality: the journey of the Beatnik. Jazz! Improvisation: The sonic landscape of the journey. Archer’s work realises this sonic landscape, utilising modern composition and improvisation.

Music interacting with poetry: ‘A tragic custard-pie comedy of wild phrasing'(Ginsberg)

Darrin Archer Composer/Piano
Sam Zerna Bass
Danny Fischer Drums
Luke Moller Violin
Julien Wilson Bass Clarinet
Gideon Brazil Tenor Sax
Pat Thiele Trumpet
Maxine Beneba Clarke Spoken word